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What Are The Benefits Of A Native Verge?


Why convert from lawn to native garden? 

-The client was tired of high water bills and the effort that goes into maintaining a nice verge lawn, such as broken lawn sprinklers from cars running over them, high water bills, lawn pests and diseases. 
-We were called in to create something that brings in wildlife and has even more street appeal than a verge lawn. 

What was required as far as design goes? 

-We needed to design within the City of Melville’s verge guidelines. Fortunately, the City of Melville has generous and landscape friendly tree options in this case we chose the Corymbia ficifolia. 
-We wanted to bring in not only the birds but also native bees by planting the correct plants. 
-Custom garden design where we chose plants based on suitability and what the client wanted. 

How did we plan to bring in the birds and beneficial native insects?

-By choosing correct plantings such as bird attracting flowers – Kangaroo paws and Grevilleas
-By choosing correct plantings to attract insects – Acacias and Hemiandra’s,   

How did we ensure that the verge will thrive once the Perth summer really kicks in? 

-By installing waterwise drip irrigation correctly and the correct soil preparation, fertiliser, wetting agent and mulch. 

Was this a cheap installation? 

No, allot of verge makeovers cost around the 10K mark when you factor in the design costs, earth works, mulch, reticulation, labour, plants, soil preparation, Corten steel edging and some verges have other features like steppers to the letterbox, logs, stones and drive in sections.
Plants like Grass trees can cost 1-2k each to install depending on size, feature stones (if council allows) can cost close to 1k each to install.  Mulch can cost 2K to supply and install. Reticulation can cost 2-3K. Plants can cost 3-5k depending on the size of plants chosen and the density. Soil preparation can cost $4-5 per plant depending on size so for a nice makeover it is a long-term investment which will add value to your home and give you more street appeal.  

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