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Colour your garden with natives – top 10 orange flowers


Orange is a beautiful colour and I have tried to include plants that only come in orange as there are many plants that have a red and orange form or half orange/half pink for example. I have also excluded hybrid species such as the Federation flame Kangaroo paw this may occur naturally in nature however it has been bred in cultivation by horticulturalists. Here are my top 10 orange flowered plants.

1.    Chorizema chordata (Fabaceae) (small shrub) (shade)(retic)(adaptable)
2.    Darwinia citriodora (Myrtaceae) (small/medium shrub) (shade)(retic)(adaptable)
3.    Eremophila glabra (Scrophulariaceae) (spreading ground cover) (sand)
4.    Banksia prionotes (Proteaceae) (small tree) (tough)
5.    Hibbertia stellaris (Dilleniaceae) (ground cover) (sand)
6.    Kennedia coccinea (Fabaceae) (vine) (shade) (retic) 
7.    Eremaea pauciflora (Myrtaceae) (small shrub) (summer flowering) (sand) 
8.    Davesia triflora (Fabaceae) (small shrub) (tough) (sand) 
9.    Pileanthus peduncularis (Myrtaceae) (small shrub) (sand) 
10.    Diplolaena angustifolia (Rutaceae) (small shrub) (sand) (shade) 

An interesting trait of the orange flowered plants on my list is the number of plants that will thrive and flower in shade. Chorizema chordata naturally grows as an understorey plant and it thrives on retic in some shade. Darwinia citriodora is one of my favourite shade plants as it is soo reliable and can be pruned often, it loves being on reticulation. Kennedia coccinea is an attractive vine that grows as an understorey plant and will thrive on shade and on retic. It can be easily grown from seed if you cannot find it in nurseries as can most members from the Fabaceae (pea family). Diplolaena angustifolia (Yanchep Rose) is a beautiful native plant that can thrive in shade. It is great in a garden, but I have not seen it last for many years in a garden setting. 

Banksia prionotes is an attractive low maintenance bird attracting small tree that makes a great feature tree. 

Eremophila glabra (Kalbarri carpet) is extensively used in landscaping however I stopped using it years ago as it tends to form woody stems, and this is an unattractive trait as it covers a large area when fully grown. 

Davesia triflora is a tough native pea that gets covered in orange flowers and is one of the first native plants to flower in my garden at the start of the wildflower season. It has 3 flowers that come out of the same node and they are evenly spread around the stem which is where it gets its name from. 

I have not grown Hibbertia stellaris or Pileanthus peduncularis in a garden or landscape setting however I am told they are both reliable and Pileanthus peduncularis is a favourite of some of the experienced propagators at the Wildflower society nursery at Landsdale farm school. 

Please visit Zanthorrea and Australian native nursery to find these amazing orange flowered plants. 

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