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Edible plants for summer



Now it is warming we need to be planting things in your edible garden that will thrive in the heat. There are a huge number of things you could plant so I will just go through some of the more common summer edible plants to grow in your vegetable garden in Perth.  

1.    Tomatoes (Solanaceae) (Nightshade family)
2.    Chilis (Solanaceae) (Nightshade family)
3.    Capsicum (Solanaceae) (Nightshade family)
4.    Pumpkin (Curcurbitaceae) (Gourd family)
5.    Cucumber (Curcurbitaceae) (Gourd family)
6.    Watermelon (Curcurbitaceae) (Gourd family)
7.    Rock melon (Curcurbitaceae) (Gourd family)
8.    Basil (Lamiaceae) (mint family) 
9.    Sweet potato (Convolvulaceae) (morning glory’s) 
10.  Corn (Poaceae)(grasses)

As you can see above there are 10 different plants that come from just 5 different plant families so allot of these like the warm growing conditions and do not like frosts and cold winters. It’s important to delve a little deeper into plant knowledge because it gives you a far greater understanding of plants needs which is vital if you want a thriving edible garden and to be rewarded for your efforts. 

Make sure you prepare your soil adequately with clay/compost (Baileys Soil Matters is great) and manure (Sheep/cow/chicken) and use a good quality controlled release fertilizer. When it warms up I like to use some liquid products every 3-4 weeks also such as Eco growth (Eco vital) or Power feed diluted which the plants will love as it really helps give them a light quick feed and feeds the soil microbes. 

If you are still struggling feel free to give us a call and organize a consultation or design session. 

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