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Something flowering in each month -Sept to Dec


(Light blue)

Scaevola porocarya is a plant that both Angus Stewart and I can’t understand why on earth isn’t a mainstream landscaping plant. Angus has known about this plant for decades and has always promoted it as a fantastic garden plant however it just hasn’t taken off commercially. I will keep pushing this plant until I see it in mainstream wholesale nurseries and retail nurseries.  This plant is extremely tough and once established it is 

(Dark blue)

Wedge leafed Dampiera – Dampiera coronata is probably my favourite spreading ground cover as it pretty much can’t be killed once established. It spreads via underground runners a bit like couch grass does but is far more beautiful and easier to control. It will flower for many months and give you a stunning green/blue carpet. It has a non-invasive root system and can be interplanted with roses as it will flower when you prune your roses and you can cut it back when the roses are in flower. The extra shade from the rose bushes will be much appreciated during the hot summer.  

(Dark blue)

Shining fan flower – Scaevola nitida a beautiful compact small shrub that thrives in coastal alkaline soil or any other sand in Perth. It looks stunning in landscaping design. It can fit many design styles and performs where many plants won’t.  

Eucalypt family – Myrtaceae 

Morrison feather flower – Verticordia nitens is something that stands out in a landscape that is mostly finished flowering at the ground level anyway. It grows naturally near Whiteman Park and other areas but that is where I have seen it. It is stunning and paints the entire landscape in yellow. It can also paint your garden in yellow when most of your WA natives have finished flowering. 

Thanks for reading to hear if you have got this far and I hope you have gained some useful knowledge that you can use in your garden and show people that WA natives have something to offer 12 months of the year!! 

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