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What is the best edging for my garden beds?

What is the best edging for my garden beds?

When designing a garden edging is very important from both a visual and practical perspective. Edging will create beautiful lines in your design and give different garden areas definition. For example, separating the garden bed from the lawn. You can do a simple straight line or create beautiful curves quickly and easily that can fit the design. It’s very easy to install so you can get a very nice finish in a short time.

From bendy 75mm to 240mm dividing edge all the way up to firm 560mm retaining beds Straight curve has you covered. They offer 2 products which are the straight curve and the hardline. The hardline products are designed not to bend as they are more solid and don’t have the grooves so you can get perfectly straight lines. The straight curve with its pre-cut grooves has a tendency to want to bend so doing perfect straight lines can be very tricky.

These days there are many products on the market but the one I really love for it’s easy of use, quality and professional finish is straight curve. With its pre-cut grooves and a lip on the back of the edge and a system where the pins interlock with the lip of the edge by lining them up and placing the lip over the pin and giving it a soft tap with the rubber mallet. The grooves make it very easy to bend and create any curve you want, and the results look amazing.

Correctly designed and installed garden edging really sets your garden apart and will give you that wow factor that you have been wanting.

For more examples of what can be done with Straight curve please visit the website:

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