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What plants are suitable for shady areas in the garden?

What plants are suitable for shady areas in the garden?

photo of Guichenotia ledifolia

With smaller properties and sometimes taller houses and other structures there are more shadows cast over your beloved garden beds especially during winter. Did you realise that many native plants naturally grow in the shade as they are understorey species of trees and large shrubs. There are many different options for that shady area where many common plants struggle. The below plants don’t not only survive in shade, but many thrive in shade.

Some you can find at Bunnings or your local nursery whereas others you need to find at a specialist native nursery. 

Australian Native Nursery, 141 King rd, Oakford has many of these beautiful plants and you can check out their plant availabilities and even order online at:


  • Australian bluebell creeper – Billardiera heterophylla
  • Coral vine – Kennedia coccinea
  • Snake vine –Hibbertia scandens
  • Pandorea Jasminoides  

Ground covers: 

  • Snake bush – Hemiandra pungens 
  • Running Postman – Kennedia prostrata 
  • Lemon scented Darwinia – Darwinia citriodora (prostrate)                                                                                                                                                             
  • Grevillea crithmifolia (prostrate)
  • Myoporum parvifolium 
  • Gooseberry Hibbertia – Hibbertia grossularilfolia                                                                                                                                                                           
  •  Kidney weed – Dichondra repens  

Small shrubs(less than 1.5m) 

  • Dune moses – Acacia lasiocarpa 
  • Regelia ciliata 
  • Guichenotia ledifolia 
  • Correa sp – there are many, my favourites are Correa pulchellaCorrea alba etc                                                                                                                         
  • Thomasia sp. 
  • White myrtle – Hypocalymma angustifolium
  • Pink myrtle – Hypocalymma robustum
  • Flame pea – Chorizema cordatum
  • Brown boronia – Boronia megastigma
  • Lemon scented Darwinia – Darwinia citriodora

Screening Shrubs(over 1.5m) 

  • Hackets hop bush – Dodonaeae hackettiana
  • Cockies tongue – Templetonia retusa
  • Native Rosemary – Westringia fructicosa 
  • Albany Woolybush – Adenanthos sericeus

We love to design custom gardens and solve issues using plants that many other landscapers aren’t experienced with. These are proven plants that will thrive and are well known by native plant enthusiasts and not the general public and the landscape industry.  

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