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Which plants flower in winter in Perth?


Running postman – Kennedia prostrata (Above)

Did you know that our Western Australian native plants come alive in the cool and wet winter/spring? If you go for a walk during summer the same area of bushland in summer compared to winter/spring might seem quite dull and lacking in colour however if you walk past the same area of bushland in winter/spring it will be full of colour and looking it’s best. 

This makes Western Australian native plants a great addition to your garden because they can fill that void in colour that many European style plants leave when they are going dormant during the cooler/wetter months. Not only that but many of our native plants can suit any style of garden including cottage gardens. Plants such as Grey Cottonheads – Conostylis candicans next to say Dampiera linearis with some everlastings can be a stunning addition and give you loads of colour in a small area. Even the red and green Kangaroo paw although not long lasting in the garden looks amazing – If you use the hybrid varieties, they have bred varieties that our resistant to pests and diseases and last allot longer in the garden. 

Nowadays you can buy allot of annual native daisies seeds which you through down on bare soil, wet the soil or do it just before it rains, and they will “stick” to the soil and within weeks you will have a beautiful area of colour for a few months. 

If you want more permanent additions to larger gardens then there are allot of small, medium to large shrubs and trees which will flower well through winter/spring and even in shadier areas such as Cockies Tongue -Templetonia retusa, Flame peas – Chorizema chordata, and ground covers like Gooseberry Hibbertia – Hibbertia grossulariifolia or even some of the Hypocallyma’s – Swan river myrtle , Wedding bush – Ricinocarpus sp. If you choose the right plants that respond well to espalier or pruning, then narrow and shady areas are not a problem as there are many plants that grow as under storey plants in low light conditions or will grow happily in places with high fences/buildings and winter shade.

Please read some of my previous articles for allot of suitable garden friendly tried and tested plants that will colour up your garden and be a great addition to your current garden. 

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Grey Cottonheads – Conostylis candicans (Above)

Wedge leaved Dampiera – Dampiera coronata in photo (Above) 


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