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Having an edible garden in your backyard can serve you and your family in more ways than one. Edible gardens can be a thing of beauty but can also do wonders for your family’s mental and physical health.

In Perth with its hot climate and long summers shade is extremely valuable and becoming harder to find especially in a suburban environment. Try spending time outside your new house in the middle of summer which is surrounded by concrete/pavers and the heat can be unbearable. There is a term used for the accumulated heat from all the buildings, concrete/pavers, roads that can be significantly hotter than what the area was when it was more heavily vegetated which is known as the urban heat island effect.

You might have noticed allot of small brown moths around your garden in Perth lately and allot of them. These are the adult parents of a larvae called army worm or cut worm which is wreaking havoc across Perth at the moment especially with new lawns or well fed existing lawns.

Due to the summer rainfall and humid weather there has been a plague of Chili thrips across Perth during the last couple of months. They have caused significant damage to roses across Perth and recovery of roses has been slow.

With only 2 watering days a week in Perth (3 days if you have a bore) and sandy soils most of which have not been improved or not improved well before laying a lawn then it is not surprising that we have issues with water penetration and retention especially as the rain stops and the weather heats up over summer.

Lawn To Native Garden

So, the kids have moved out and you want to reduce the amount of lawn around your house or have you moved into a place with an abundance of lawn and little garden? Let’s encourage birds and beautiful native insects into the garden by installing a native garden.

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