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Which native plants are scented?

Which native plants are scented?


Hakea lissocarpha (small to medium shrub) (2-4m) (Proteaceae)
Hakea trifurcata (small to medium shrub) (2-4m) (Proteaceae)
Grevillea vestita (small to medium shrub) (2-4m) (Proteaceae)
Hypocallyma robustum (small shrub 1-2m) (Myrtaceae)
Boronia crenulata (aniseed boronia) (Rutaceae)
Boronia megastigma (small shrub 1-3m) (Rutaceae)
Boronia heterophylla (small shrub 1-3m) (Rutaceae)
Grevillea synapheae (Catkin Grevillea) (Ground Cover) (Proteaceae)
Hakea nitida (Frog Hakea) (Shrub 1-3m) (Proteaceae)
Grevillea paniculata (Shrub 1-3m) (Proteaceae)

Here is a list of my favourite WA plants that will create a beautiful fragrance in your garden as their flowers will fill the air with pleasant smells.  Some of these plants are very tough and drought hardy like Hakeas and Grevilleas, others need a little more care and can do very well on reticulation(Hypocallyma sp.) whilst others are known to be quite sensitive and need very good summer watering and even soil preparation to help the soil stay moist through the hotter months(Boronias). Boronias can also be very good potted plants, just make sure the mix is of decent quality and take them out of the full sun during mid-summer and keep them well watered.

So how did I come up with this list? Was it just through experience or was there more method to finding these plants? Well, I can tell you the secret and hopefully, you can discover more WA scented plants. Firstly the 2 most known families for having fragrant oils in their plant parts are from the Eucalypt family (Myrtaceae) and from the citrus family (Rutaceae). Recently I have also learnt that plants from the Banksia/Grevillea (Proteaceae) family also have many scented members, furthermore, there is a trend in this family whereby the white flowering members tended to have quite a few scented members.


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